Gippsland FM Radio Interview – With Lyn Harvey On The “Abundant Life Around The World” Program

Lyn Harvey - Gippsland FM - 104.7 RadioI was very happy to talk to Lyn Harvey today of Gippsland FM and the name of Lyn’s show is “Abundant Life Around the World” and what a fantastic name of a show, I really love that term “Abundance” as one of my little catch phrases that I’ve come up with is, “Live, Share and Receive in Abundance” and so I definitely felt a synchronicity with Lyn and her wonderful christian show.

The “Abundant Life Around The World Program” has many artists being interviewed from all over the world and it has a great live streaming feature, which I used to record our interview for you all to hear below in a moment. The core message of her show (which I LOVE) by the way is the GOSPEL message that her show brings.

Here is the interview from Abundant Life Around The World – Gippsland FM 104.7 with Lyn Harvey

I hope you enjoy the interview below, here it is…

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I hope you learn a little bit more about myself in this audio interview with Gippsland FM Radio and what I failed to say was I only had 3 weeks to live when first admitted and I had absolutely no immune system, hence was walking around and able to get any infection or bug going around.

Head over to the Gippsland FM Radio live stream and spend a few Sunday morning’s when you get a chance listening to Lyn, she’s a wonderful person and some of the artists she interviews are very well known international artists like “Charlie Landsborough” who is one of my all time inspiring singers and you can click here for Charlie’s his interview with Lyn also.

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