Exciting Mildura Country Music Festival Tour

Mildura Country Music FestivalI have some sad news and some good news, and with this said I’ll go with the sad news first.

For the first time in 3 years I’m not going to Tamworth Country Music Festival 2013, it’s with great regret that I won’t be going to Tamworth. I’ve rather chosen to stay true to my local area around Newcastle / Hunter Valley and get busy booking country music shows on a regular basis.

However, this will be the prelude to getting ready for hosting a tour with Northern Highlands Tours, down to the Mildura Country Music Festival which I’ve never been to and have been asked quite a few times now if I was going to head down that way in 2013… And the answer is a resounding YES!

So What’s In Store For The Mildura Country Music Festival Trip?

Well, it’s going to be a 8 day and 7 nights tour, and I’ll be singing regularly on the bus and at the venue we stay at, and I’m beginning to look into venues down there which I’ll be attending a few shows at (or rather trying to get a few shows, as it gets incredibly busy down there also at that time of year).

We’ll even be having dinner on the paddle boat on the river there one night which will be a very relaxing and eventful time. I’ll know more about where and when I’m singing once we nail down times with Northern Highland Travel, who we also did the Christmas 2012 party over 3 days for and it went off a treat, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here’s the Itinerary for the Mildura Country Music Festival Tour Below…

For those of you who are reading this and going “YES” I want to be on this trip with the others and have a heck of a fun time with the Northern Highlands Tours Crew and Adam and friends, then just click here to view and download the run sheet.

The Mildura country music festival is part of the big country music festivals that run all over Australia, with it and Tamworth country music concerts being some of the largest in the land, both with a flavor all of their own. From what I’ve been told the Mildura festival is a slightly more traditional country music venue, which sits very well with me as I LOVE pure country music in all it’s forms.

I’m really keen to be a part of the Mildura country music scene and I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun down there with all my friends coming along to the Mildura Country Music Festival 2013 with Adam Price.

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Adam Price


Adam is a country singer and seniors entertainer.

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