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Adam is country singer who loves to put on a good show for those who like easy listening, country rock, blues, modern country, old style country and American country music. Having a very natural, warm and personal touch he pleases his loyal listeners all over Australia (and the world).

Starting his music career rather late in life, he decided to play and sing country styles as that has always been his favourite. His most liked country singers are Alan Jackson, George Strait, Adam Harvey, Charlie Landsborough and Troy Cassar-Daly and Adam’s unique voice is a mixture of their styles and are where Adam draws his musical inspiration from.

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Come join us at Pelican RSL tomorrow night if you're free, from 7.30pm with the Bluewater Cowboys!
about 4 days ago | @c0untryfusion

A Percentage of ALL Album Sales Support Aged Care Entertainment & The Leukaemia Foundation!

Since Adam’s shave with death back in mid 2010, having 3 weeks to live with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, he has supported giving joy and happiness via his music to seniors in nursing homes, adult day care and special needs centres.

This is something that he’s passionate about as facilities and the Leukaemia Foundation (plus the Haematology Ward 5C at the Mater Hospital in Newcastle, who saved Adam’s life) all need continual funding.